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My Professional Bio

Shakti is the Founder of Decide Differently, a personal development company that combines modern psychology and spirituality to support people seeking positive change and self-transformation. She is a certified Neuro-Emotional Technique practitioner committed to helping people release anxiety, trauma and negative beliefs.

Shakti openly shares her love of the Divine Feminine with others to support their spiritual awakening and connect to their soul purpose. Being multi-passionate, she is also a writer and artist, who regularly contributes to the Huffington Post, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and has an MA in Education.

Additionally, Shakti co-founded The Willow School in 2004, a private K-8 school in Vero Beach, FL. Started in 2004 with 11 students, the school currently has capacity for 100 and a budget of $1M.

Education & Credentials

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, in Washington and Florida

  • Certified NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) practitioner

  • Certified Happiness Coach and Success Coach

  • BA in Art History from Boston University

  • MA in Education & Curriculum Design from Michigan State University

  • MSW in Social Work from Barry University

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