Ready to Go Deep & Do the Real Work of Your Life?

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You’re Ready If:

  1. You’re tired of living the life you have -feeling unfulfilled, stuck, unhappy or at a crossroads.

  2. You yearn for something more - only you can’t quite grasp it.

  3. You’ve come to the recognition that outmoded beliefs and ways of being are preventing you from having the breakthroughs you desire.

What I Do:

  • I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker - I work primarily one-on-one with clients in person in Seattle and over the phone/via Zoom.

  • I am Certified Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) provider. NET is a somatic approach that uses muscle testing to identify emotions, old patterns and beliefs that hold you back. (More info on NET)

My Approach

People are not broken - This is why I do not diagnose (and also why I am unable to take insurance.) People experience depression, anxiety, etc. but on a fundamental level, it is not who they are.

Most people need clarity not therapy - I offer insight and guidance to assist you in discovering the answers you’re looking for. I do not label or try to impose psychological jargon on people.

You are not an ego - Much of psychology is based on helping people move from having an unhealthy ego to a healthy ego. While this is incredibly helpful AND necessary, there is also another step. And that is transcending your ego. This is how we return to our original nature and remember who we really are. My approach is to merge these 2 aspects - your spiritual self and your physical self- to help you awaken to your true nature, and heal any places of disharmony.

The body holds trauma because it is always present -To help us release, it is important to use somatic (physical) techniques to assist the body in releasing this.

The focus of our work together isn’t about how-to, but rather to aid you in identifying the underlying beliefs and habits that are holding you back from experiencing greater success, happiness, and love.

My Requirements:

Because the work I do is highly effective, I often see clients for 3-6 months intensively with follow up periods as needed thereafter.

Having said that, I ask for a minimum of a 3-month/6 sessions commitment paid in advance.

You also must be clean and sober.

I am taking new clients December 2019. If you’re ready, get on my waitlist today!

More About Shakti Sutriasa 
Shakti relishes sharing her sacred path & love of the Divine Feminine with others. She is a committed meditation practitioner and student of spirituality who offers tools and inspiration to awaken others to their inner goddess and connect to their soul purpose. Shakti is a psychotherapist, teacher, writer, and artist. She holds an MA in Education and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.