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Why Work With ME?

I've been on my soul journey for 30 years. I've overcome addiction, an eating disorder, had a marriage dissolve, found my soul mate and my life's purpose!

My journey has taken me across the world and back.

I've traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, lived in New York City, Boston, Portland (OR), Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Bali and Florida before moving to Washington State.

I went in search of life's purpose - found that and more!

I have my own spiritual practice, that includes meditation and worship of the goddess / Divine Feminine that I developed from my time in the Far East as well as from my teacher, Ma Jaya.


I'm deeply intuitive and a have a background in psychology and spirituality.

I've started 2 successful businesses, am a natural strategist, visionary and big-picture thinker. 

Because of my years working with people, I easily provide clarity, compassion, empathy and insight.

Claim YOUR life today.

"Shakti's insight and clarity allowed me to recognize some old beliefs that have really held me back from living successfully. My business is thriving and I'm in an amazing new relationship!"  Gina B.

"Working with Shakti helped me actualize my dreams. We put together an action plan,visualized and my goals materialized!"  William B.

More About Shakti Sutriasa 
Shakti has been called a “rockstar yogini,” and relishes sharing her sacred path & love of the Divine Feminine with others. She is a committed meditation practitioner and student of spirituality who offers tools and inspiration to awaken others to their inner goddess and connect to their soul purpose. Shakti is a teacher, life coach and counselor, holds an MA in Education and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.