5 Quick & Easy Ways to Access Happiness

I've just spent the last 8 weeks immersed in happiness. And it wasn't just me, it was an entire class of people! We dug deeply and discussed what joy means to each of us and uncovered ways we limit happiness in our lives. Thought I'd share some of my highlights:

Here are 5 Simple Ways to Experience Happiness

1. Take the time 

My first lesson was about remembering to take the time and ask the questions, “What is happiness to me?” “When do I feel happy?” And then to listen to the answer!

2. Gratitude is the shortest short cut to happiness.

Last January when Ayu was returning to college, she announced that she was going to write thank you cards to everyone. (Of course I thought, “good work, Shakti, she’s well trained”) but it turns out that obligation wasn’t her motivation. Instead she said, “I read recently that it isn’t happy people who are grateful it’s grateful people who are happy.” And it’s true, turns out that gratitude is the fast track to happinessWhy not start today?

Make a list right now of 5 things you’re grateful for.

3. To Be or Not to Be

When we just allow ourselves to be, rather than do, worry, or try to change, we are happy. After all, we are human beings not human doers although at times that’s easy to forget. This one is about taking time just to be. So here’s what I do:

  • Lie outside and enjoy the sun on my face
  • Sit at my desk and let the creative juices flow
  • Walk through my mom’s backyard enjoying all her plantings.

Joy fills the moment.

4.  Better Reception

Often times we forget to open up to receive because it might mean we have to do two things: Ask and then listen. God or the Uni-verse or whatever word you like for the great mystery that surrounds us, is on our side and is always supporting us. We have to help God by allowing ourselves to open up to receive all the love, goodness, kindness, prosperity, health that it has for us. Here’s an easy exercise:

  • Ask for something you want more of (like creativity.)
  • Then lie down with your arms over your head and feel creativity rain down on you.

5. The Only Block to Happiness is Me

From all the research I've done, I believe that joy is who we are. It's our innate nature. What keeps us from experiencing this ALL the time, is us. I tune in and out of joy – I forget, get consumed with emotion or worry, fear or anxiety. Joy is still there waiting patiently for me to return. Knowing that serves as a reminder that all I have to do is fiddle with my own internal radio dial and voila, joy is back.

LET me know which of these resonates with you. 

OR share a way you connect to happiness by leaving a comment below.

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