Fail Your Way to Success

Fail Your Way to Success

What is it about failing that feels so hard?

Is it perfectionist syndrome?

Has our society become so risk averse we’re all afraid of looking stupid? Inadequate?

Because this fear of failure, it's pervasive!

Students unwilling to raise their hands lest they appear ignorant.

Employees afraid to ask for help, concerned they’ll look incompetent.

When I find myself stymied by the fear of failure, I always go worst case scenario.

Here's what I say, "if this all goes south, what’s the worst thing that can happen?"

3 Simple Ways to Release Trauma

3 Simple Ways to Release Trauma

The physical body truly remarkable.

And the more we learn about it, the more we see how interconnected our physical body is to our emotional well being.

Thanks to neuroscience, we now know that the body stores stress, memories, and trauma.

In part because the physical body is always present!

Whether you’re watching a movie or sleeping, working on the computer or making a speech – regardless of where your attention is, your body is present in that physical space.

It’s like the silent witness.

What Feeds You?

What Feeds You?

The other day I was talking to a young woman who’s been living in the city for a while. On a work trip recently she visited a sleepy town surrounded by national forest. While there, she realized the city was no longer feeding her.

More and more I hear that. And it echoes my own experiences.

I crave nature- trees, water, silence. 

How about you?

What's In Your God Box?

What's In Your God Box?

I recently learned a new spiritual tool!

It’s called a God box.

Do you have one?

If you’re like me and JUST heard about this, you’re in for a treat!

A God Box can be anything – a container you already have, a mason jar or a cardboard box you want to collage.

I’m always about collaging, but when I thought about what to use, I instantly knew.

Your Secret to Greater Happiness

Your Secret to Greater Happiness

I was recently asked to do a Daily Insight for the mediation app InsightTimer and the topic i chose was:


Joy is what we all want, right?And yet is can feel so elusive.

If you’re ready to access that loving, happy place, here are 3 ways you can experience more inner joy right now.

1. Joy is here because you are here

Harness Your Power

Harness Your Power

The other day I got asked a question by a client about POWER.

As a woman, I'm acutely aware of when I have agency and when I feel powerless, know what I mean?

As we talked, I was reminded of a way of thinking about power that I learned from a book called Spiral Dance, by Starhawk that I read in the 1980s. (A kind of new age book before we even had that term, lol!)

As I remember it, she explained that there are 2 types of power:

Power Over & Power From Within

What we experience A LOT in our world is people exerting their power OVER others- to get what they want, to control people, to exert will...

But true power isn't about that at all.

True power is about being EMBODIED.

You know the difference, you can feel it.

So how do we awaken and harness our own internal power?

Here are 3 ways you can align with your inner power right now:

3 Ways to Access Joy Right Now

3 Ways to Access Joy Right Now

veryone wants to be happier, don’t we? 

Yet connecting to that deep feeling of contentment, that absolute joy, that pure bliss often feels elusive.

We know it’s there. We see people who clearly have it. But we don’t.

The truth is, there are no exceptions.

Joy is here for you too.

And if you want to experience it right now, try one or all of these:

Hate Being Criticized?

Hate Being Criticized?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to discern between what is feedback and what is criticism.

 As a person committed to self growth, I care deeply about how I show up in the world, and with others. I strive to be in alignment with truth as much as I can be. So when I got some feedback recently, I found myself responding to it as if it were criticism.

 At first, I rationalized that it was just my hormones. I was being over emotional.

 Then I began to wonder what was “true” for me, and what was projection.

 I went around and around with this.

 Still, I persevered, wanting to know, wanting to identify my triggers.

Live the Question

Live the Question

If you’re a searcher like me then perhaps you’ve spent years trying to discover your “purpose.” Your raison d'être, the reason you were put on this planet.

I’ve spent years, maybe even decades trying to unlock that mystery! Heck, I even designed a 12-week course to help other people find their purpose!

Holy cow!

And then I finally stopped.

I stopped thinking (obsessing really) about it. I stopped trying to “figure it out.”

Let me clarify.

I didn’t stop because I thought I’d failed at finding it, no.

Perfection in Imperfection

Perfection in Imperfection

Over the weekend, I went to a basket weaving workshop. It’s my new favorite thing to do. I love writing, and making jewelry, but there’s something so primal about weaving.

 I’d actually forgotten about the workshop because when I first signed up in January, I was put on the waitlist. Consequently, it never went on my calendar. So, when I got a call on Monday that I could go, well, I almost didn’t. I’d filled my week with other things! Did I really want to reschedule my appointments and drive to Portland, get a hotel room, blah, blah, blah?

Yes, I really did.

The night before I left, I checked the website again. There was a supplies cost of $5 but what tools? Then I saw a tiny hyperlink that said, SUPPLY LIST. Not only were there tools but a long list of other things to bring! It was 10pm!

Jumpstart Your Creativity

Jumpstart Your Creativity

Can you feel it?

That need to be creative?

The planets are shifting and realigning, old patterns are falling away, and we, ALL OF US, are being called to open more to our intuition and inner guidance. Being called to show up in a new way.

So what is it that is yearning to be birthed within you?

Ever since I decided to follow my joy, I've been exploring creativity in a new way. Really diving into it.

And part of what I've realized is that SO many endeavors we undertake- starting a new business, coming up with a social media plan, making dinner - ALL of these are creative, right?

Time For A Miracle

Time For A Miracle

This week, I thought I'd share a question I received from a student who is taking my Insight Timer course on mastering uncertainty. 

She asks, how can she befriend fear when she has real life problems of paying her rent and health insurance for herself and her small child?​

My heart went out to her. Because life can sometimes feel really hard.

But how do we manage fear when it can feel so paralyzing?

When I get stuck in fear, it's as if all the doors shut, the windows are locked and I feel trapped and desperate, as if there are NO answers or ways to move. 

So what helps?

3 Ways to Foster Faith This Holiday Season

3 Ways to Foster Faith This Holiday Season

This time of year seems to invite us in to contemplate the light within us, the light of faith. 

What exactly is faith?

According to the Catholic theologian, St. Augustine, “Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”

Mark Twain puts it this way, “Your faith is what you believe not what you know.”

For me, having faith means that I keep moving toward the goals and dreams I have, knowing that I am supported. Even if I cannot see the angels, guides or way-showers, I believe they are there, helping, healing and willing to be called upon for support.

Faith helps us to be buoyed and supported as we continue to choose love amidst all the fear and uncertainty that is perpetually stoked around us.

And as I look back at the turbulent 2018, and ahead to 2019, I feel called to invite all of us to strengthen our faith.

Holidays with Healthy Boundaries: 3 Tips

Holidays with Healthy Boundaries: 3 Tips

Thanksgiving’s passed and Chanukah, Yule (or the winter solstice), and Christmas are around the corner. This time of year typically means lots of social gatherings. Which, although fun, can also be tense.

And the best way to deal with family and friends, is to have clear and firm boundaries.

What’s that?

An emotional boundary is about knowing what is and is not acceptable behavior for you.

Many of us grew up in families where boundaries were unclear or non-existent. So, as adults, we’ve either never had them or have had to learn how to create healthy ones.

Once you’ve established what your boundaries are, it’s then a matter of stating them aloud to friends and family.

3 Practices for Everyday Gratitude

3 Practices for Everyday Gratitude

November is a great month to remind us of what we have, especially for those of us who live in the United States.

Thee first Tuesday is election day, when we get to give thanks that we live in a democracy and have the freedom to vote!

Then a week or so later, it’s the 11th, which marks the end of World War I across the world, and is celebrated here as Veteran’s Day. It’s a day to reflect on our painful past as well as to honor the men and women who have fought valiantly.

And then, of course, is Thanksgiving.