How To Get What You Really Desire


One of the best life lessons I ever learned was from Mike Dooley. He is the author of many inspirational books, published in 25 languages and offers a daily email service called Notes from the Universe which can be found on his website,

In these daily emails, Dooley is constantly reminding us that our only job is to focus on the what.


No, this isn’t an Abbott & Costello routine. I’m not about to ask who’s on first.

This is a real-life truth.

Here’s how it works. When you think about your life- vision your future, focus on it and set intentions- ask yourself this ONE question:

What do I want?

Your heart knows.

Maybe it's to be a mother, an artist, a filmmaker, storyteller, designer, teacher, coder, engineer.

Whatever it is that you really want, allow that to be your focus.

Be as detailed as possible. Paint the picture, See it, feel it, imagine it, act as if it has already occurred.

Yes, you are now driving that red Tesla. How does it feel? I see you with a gorgeous baby in your arms. What’s that like? You’re living in a gracious new home, satisfied? Is that you, holding your award winning jewelry design? Are you proud?

Look, your bank account has over a million dollars from your incredible computer skills! And that best selling book – well, it’s right there, on Amazon’s home page!

Really see it, then feel it and believe it.

Don’t worry about how it’s going to occur.

As Mike Dooley says, that’s God’s job. (If you’re uncomfortable with the word God, use: the Universe, source or any name you prefer.)

So often we forget.

We decide what we want and then go about trying to figure out when and how it’s going to happen.

But here’s the thing. We only see our little piece of the puzzle. We don’t get to view the master plan. There is no way we can anticipate the hundreds of things that can happen. All of these unseen moving parts are simply not in our awareness right now.

This is why it’s impossible for us to control the how – even when we want to, even when we feel the need to, even when we are doing it.

When you find yourself trying to create a specific outcome, that’s when you have to come back to remembering.

The WHAT is my job and the HOW is God’s job.

Sometimes the most profound life lessons seem so simple and that’s when we want to complicate them.


Simply focus on your job – asking the question – What do I want?

The next time doubt floods your mind or anxiety takes the reins and you feel like your dream will never come to fruition, come back to this reminder. Focus only on what you want. Your job is to figure out EXACTLY what you desire.

Be like a laser – see it happening, feel the pride, satisfaction and relief from that incredible accomplishment. And know that the Universe/God/source has your back. It’s all going to happen. 

Tell me what you really want! Let us help to hold the vision for you!

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