10 Ways to Love Mother Earth More

10 ways to love mother earth more

Yes Earth Day JUST passed (on Sunday). But it’s never too late to take a stand and care about protecting our planet.

Part of my daily prayer is for our earth – that we may live in peace with all of our human, plant, animal and mineral brothers and sisters. In fact, I pray for us to become stewards of this sacred place that is our home.

Which is why the celebration of the earth is important – to acknowledge the amazing planet we live on.

I’m sure you’re already on board, but- 

here’s a quick list of simple things you can do right now to make a difference.

1. Protect Your Part of the Ocean

Last week I went clamming on the Puget Sound and met a man who’s a 3rd generation shellfish farmer. He’s really active with the slow food movement, eating locally and all that good stuff. When I asked him about his mission now, he said to protect his part of the ocean.

In other words, think globally but act locally.

Sometimes the world’s problems can feel overwhelming. Instead, look locally. What’s a hot button issue in your area?

  • Is it trying to eliminate the use of Roundup?
  • Bedding oysters to help filter pollution?
  • Creating rain barrels?
  • Counteracting the infestation of the southern pine beetle?

Pick one.

2. Recycle

Okay, I know. You already do that.

3. Buy Thrifty

I hear vintage is all the rage. And that’s great news because it means clothes are essentially being reused. My family finds incredibly stylish and hip stuff at consignment stores and thrift stores. In fact, on my recent trip to New York City, I found a cashmere sweater for $3 and a Dianne Von Furstenberg wrap dress for $19 at a Goodwill!

If you’ve never been in one, now’s your chance!

4. Ban Plastic Water Bottles & Straws

Plastic is a forever product. Consider getting yourself a cool water bottle that you can refill (for free). Learn more about how plastic water bottles are wasteful from the Water Project, here.

And while you’re at it, lose the straws too.

Over 500 million straws are thrown away every day just in the United States! Yikes!

5. BYOBags

Since we’re talking about plastic, let’s bring our own bags to the store, yes?

Plastic bags are a menace to the environment. Because they are light and easily air born, many end up in the oceans and are accidentally ingested by wildlife, others clog rivers and streams.

It is estimated that over 100 billion single use plastic bags are thrown away every year in the United States!

To date, Hawaii and recently, California, have banned them. They are joined by 130+ communities across the other states as well as 19+ countries from Australia and Bangladesh to Ireland and Wales.

6. Compost

Apparently compost with manure is SO powerful, it not only increases the yields from your soil by up to 50% it’s also fantastic in helping to capture carbon in the soil! Talk about a win-win.

Make your own, or spread some healthy compost (with manure) all over your property. I plan to.

7. Plant Bee Attracting Plants

We all know the bees are at high risk. And people are taking action. In fact, many city dwellers have become beekeepers. On a trip to St. Paul, Minnesota, I looked out the window of my inn and right below me, the neighbor was tending her hive!

Bees need food. And many of these are beauiful flowering plants! Here’s a list of great plants and shrubs that you and the bees will love

There are ideas EVEN if you don’t have a garden!

8. Car Free

One of the many things I admire about Millennials is their preference to NOT own a vehicle.

These days, especially if you live in or around a city, you don’t really need one. Not only are there public transportation, shared bikes and even walking as possibilities but there are so many ride sharing companies -from Uber and Lyft to ZipCar and Turo! 

AND if you must have a car, can you commit to ONE day a week of not driving?

9. Carbon Offsets 

If you haven’t heard of this before, in a nut shell, it’s a way to offset the amount of carbon you put into the atmosphere through driving and plane travel, etc. by donating money to plant trees or preserve forest.

Here’s  great article if you want to learn more. 

10. Eat Local

Farmers markets are popping up in more and more cities and towns as we become increasingly interested in what we are eating. It’s now common to find locally produced meats, cheeses, milk and eggs as well as honey and veggies.

If you don't already visit a local farmer's market, here’s a great site to find what's happening in your local area. Just pop in your zip code.

Surprisingly, taking care of the earth can be fun and exciting! Try one or all of these, or commit to adopting ONE NEW ONE this year! Which will you pick? Leave me a note below.

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