3 Ways to Access Joy Right Now

3 ways to connect to joy blog - shakti sutriasa

Everyone wants to be happier, don’t we? 

Yet connecting to that deep feeling of contentment, that absolute joy, that pure bliss often feels elusive.

We know it’s there. We see people who clearly have it. But we don’t.

The truth is, there are no exceptions.

Joy is here for you too.

And if you want to experience it right now, try one or all of these:

1. Joy is here because you are here

The happiness guru, Dr. Robert Holden, reminds us of this all the time.

Happiness is not a destination, a goal or a place.

So all of those, “I’ll be happy when…” statements are simply untrue. And, if you really think about them, you know it.

Were you really happier after you moved? Bought a new car? Got a promotion?

Maybe for a week but then you slid backward.

What if you really believed that joy was your true nature? That joy is always here, waiting for you to remember and return to it?

Think about little kids. They are filled with joy, with awe, with playfulness. As adults, we’ve just forgotten. We get busy, get neurotic, live in our heads. Decide being an adult means we have to be serious.

Come back to joy.

What makes you happy? Write down the first 5 things that come to you.

Are you doing any of those on a regular basis?

2. Say Thank You

Have you ever noticed that when you look at what you don’t have, or what is lacking, it puts you in a bad mood?

Yet being in a body, having your health, family, career, home, are all blessings.

Offer thanks for everything you have in your life right now.

Thank you for my beautiful home, my healthy family, my strong body, my reliable car, my fun job…

It isn’t that happy people are grateful, it’s that grateful people are happy.

Try offering your thanks for the abundant blessings in your life and watch yourself tune into joy.

3. Be the most joy filled person you can be

The biggest indicator of happiness in the future, is how happy you are right now.

So how can you be happier right now, in this moment?

If you can let go of yesterday and avoid worrying about tomorrow, and simply be right here in this moment, you will discover joy. It is nestled deep inside you. For it lives in your heart, patiently waiting for you.

I invite you to breathe into that space in the center of your chest and re-connect.

It has never left you.

It is always available.

How can you connect to this every day?

  • Is it a breath with your eyes closed at the beginning of the day?

  • Is it a decision to dedicate your life to joy today?

  • Is it getting in the habit of smiling at people for no reason? 

Think about what small actions you can take to help you experience that deep inner joy, right here, right now.

No matter what your life circumstances, inner peace and joy are always here for you. And the more you cultivate them, the easier they will be for you to access.  

Because they live within you, no one will ever be able to take them away from you. This is the power of inner work.

 Connecting to joy is a practice of remembering.

Remembering who you really are, a being of pure love, light and joy.

Doesn’t that sound fun?

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