What's In Your God Box?

I recently learned a new spiritual tool!

It’s called a God box.

Do you have one?

If you’re like me and JUST heard about this, you’re in for a treat!

A God Box can be anything – a container you already have, a mason jar or a cardboard box you want to collage.

I’m always about collaging, but when I thought about what to use, I instantly knew.

Here is a picture of mine

Here is a picture of mine

For Christmas, my cousin sent me a package full of assorted things, and one of them was a little wooden bowl with a lid. I didn’t really need it, but because she’d sent it to me, I put it on my desk. It is now my God box.

So take a minute and scrounge around. Do you have an unused container lying about? If not, maybe save the next cardboard box you get and decorate it.

Once you’ve got a receptacle, write away.

Here’s the idea. Put anything and everything that feels challenging, hard, unsolvable, worrying, or uncertain into it.

Just grab a scrap of paper.

Write it down.

Here are a few examples: climate change, test in statistics, getting new clients, making my monthly quota, mom's health…


You can write it as a sentence, “Dear God, please help me with __________. Love, _____”

Don’t like the word God? Change it both for your box AND missives.

Use whatever word speaks to you -Goddess, Light, Love, One...

“Dear Love, I need support with _________.”

Get the idea?


But what happens when the box gets full?

  • Some people store the boxes and make new ones.

  • Some people have a ceremony and burn the paper prayers.

  • Some people put the paper scraps in the compost.

It’s entirely up to you and what feels right.

It’s your practice to tailor to your needs.

Put everything that is vexing you in there!

Heck, why not!?!

Let me know what yours looks like! Feel free to paste a photo BELOW!

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