what you can learn from rowing crew

Life Lessons From the Boat

Life Lessons From the Boat

Ever been on a sports team? Softball? Basketball? Frisbee?

People make light of sports but being on the crew team in high school changed my life.

Even though I’d been active as a child both at summer camp and with dance lessons, I was intimidated by sports at boarding school. All the kids were EXPERTS having played squash, tennis, or field hockey forever.  There was no way I could compete with that level of mastery.

But sometime mid-winter of my junior year, my mother encouraged me to try out for crew.

So I signed up, sat at an ergometer machine – which I had NO idea how to use- and a month later, found myself at spring training at Rollins College in Florida.

After a week of blisters, jogs and sweaty workouts in the boats, I was the only one cut from the team.