3 Practices for Everyday Gratitude

November is a great month to remind us of what we have, especially for those of us who live in the United States.

Thee first Tuesday is election day, when we get to give thanks that we live in a democracy and have the freedom to vote!

Then a week or so later, it’s the 11th, which marks the end of World War I across the world, and is celebrated here as Veteran’s Day. It’s a day to reflect on our painful past as well as to honor the men and women who have fought valiantly.

And then, of course, is Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving is, really a holiday of gratitude! A time to say thank you for all that we have.

Whether you have a gratitude practice or not, this time of year always super charges it or, if you’ve lapsed, gives you renewed inspiration to start again.

Here are 3 easy ways to incorporate gratitude into your day:

 1. Start the Day With A Thank You

When you begin the day, offer up a prayer of thanks. It can be for anything like - for your sleep, for the sunshine, for the opportunities this day will bring you.

I remember hearing Louise Hay talk about how every morning she thanked her bed for a wonderful sleep!

2. Express Thanks At Least Once During the Day

When I worked as a school administrator, much of my day was spent walking around and thanking the kids. For small acts like: opening the door, speaking kindly, cleaning up. It was my absolute delight to “catch them being good.”

Who can you thank? The bus driver, the wait staff, the customer service rep?

A simple thanks costs you nothing but is so rewarding to the one who hears it. 

3. Bed Time List

Right before you go to bed, reflect on your day. What are 3 things you’re grateful for that happened today? Think big, think small. Think profound. Think ordinary.

I especially love this habit. Maybe you are like I used to be, lying in bed thinking about all the things I didn’t get done. When I began this practice, it totally shifted that place of lack. And I was able to feel gratitude for everything I had accomplished and all that had transpired.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Eat lots of yummy things and sneak in a little extra gratitude, today and every day.

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