Open to the Divine Mother

I got a message recently from a woman asking me about the Divine Mother. She worried that there might be a way to be rejected by her.

I define the Divine Mother as the feminine face of God.

I see her as a timeless earth goddess whose lap I can crawl into any time and she’ll hold me and nourish me like a baby.

This woman’s message reminded me that allowing ourselves to be loved can feel scary. Especially when we’ve been betrayed, hurt or feel scarred by the earthly mother’s or female mentors we’ve had.

If this is resonating with you but you want to open up to the love of the Universal Mother, here are a few ways to help.

1. Practice Unconditional Receiving

Find a place to sit comfortably or even lie down.

Imagine yourself opening up to receive all the blessings of goodness, peace, abundance, happiness, health and love that is in the universe. 

Keep breathing it all in. Try practicing this for 5 minutes every day, then see if you can do it for 10.

When we close ourselves off to receiving, nothing can come in.

2. Feel Nature

For the past year or so, I’ve been reconnecting to the Earth as a sacred being. She, who embodies that unconditional love of the Mother. She who constantly gives and asks nothing in return.

How can you feel that love and allow the great Earth to hold you?

Maybe it’s going for a swim in the ocean or a lake. It could be standing on a clearing (or even a rooftop) and feeling that breath of wind caress your face. You can lie down in a field, park on beach and simply release all your tensions into the earth. She will hold you always.

3. Who's Your Mother?

What is an image of the Mother that appeals to you? 

Sue Monk Kidd, the author of Secret Life of Bees went on a quest to find what the Divine Mother looked like to her and discovered it was the black Madonna (Virgin Mary).

If you’re background is Christian (or Catholic), a similar image might appeal to you.

Practice yoga? Maybe your image in one of the thousands of Hindu goddesses.

Loved Greek mythology as a kid? Perhaps you can relate to an image of Diana, the huntress or Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

Maybe it's an African image.

Right now, I’m looking for one that embodies the three aspects of the feminine: the maiden, the mother and the crone or wise woman. I’ll let you know when I find her (or make her.)

Many of us never experienced unconditional love as children so it’s hard to trust that God, or the Divine Mother will love us too.

But here’s the thing, she will because she already does.

So try these 3 ways to allow yourself to open up and feel that love. As the Indian guru Amma says, “when we take one step toward God (or the divine mother,) she takes 100 steps towards you.” Check out her whole answer here.

The Divine Mother loves you and holds you close. Relax into that space and allow yourself to receive.

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