Jumpstart Your Creativity

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Can you feel it?

That need to be creative?

The planets are shifting and realigning, old patterns are falling away, and we, ALL OF US, are being called to open more to our intuition and inner guidance.

Being called to show up in a new way.

So what is it that is yearning to be birthed within you?

Ever since I decided to follow my joy, I've been exploring creativity in a new way. Really diving into it.

And part of what I've realized is that so many endeavors we undertake- starting a new business, coming up with a social media plan, making dinner - all of these are creative, right?

We're making something out of nothing.

But we often don't see them that way. It's just what we do or have to do.

So first, take a moment and honor yourself and what you have already accomplished. See how creativity already works through you.

And if you're ready to go deeper, I have a terrific tool for you that thousands of people swear by.

No, really.

It's from Julia Cameron's best selling book, The Artist's Way.

She calls it Morning Pages.

Heard of it?

Here's how it works.

Every morning, first thing after you wake up... you write 3 PAGES.

That's it. 3 pages of stream of consciousness or flow.

The idea here is NOT to think about what you're writing or get hung up on sentence structure, spelling, grammar or content.

The goal is to write 3 pages in your journal, every morning for 90 days.

I first read her book in 1998 or so, and the morning pages, made a huge difference.

What do you say?

Do you think you can commit to allowing your creativity even more space to germinate, blossom and then grow?

Locate that journal you have. You know, the one that's been hanging around. Why not pick it up and start today, right now?

See where the journey takes you - and what awakens from within.

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