Time For A Miracle

This week, I thought I'd share a question I received from a student who is taking my Insight Timer course on mastering uncertainty. 

She asks, how can she befriend fear when she has real life problems of paying her rent and health insurance for herself and her small child?

My heart went out to her. Because life can sometimes feel really hard.

But how do we manage fear when it can feel so paralyzing?

When I get stuck in fear, it's as if all the doors shut, the windows are locked and I feel trapped and desperate, as if there are NO answers or ways to move. 

So what helps?

Of course breathing. 

Breathing helps immediately ground me back into my body and slows me down. It helps create a crack in the doorway back to the present moment and out of the whirlwind of future focused anxiety.

The goal is to return to the present, to the place of receiving, of openness, right? Because in that space and place, we can receive guidance.

Recently, I also learned a wonderful new affirmation that can both remind us and support us to move out of fear and open again to opportunity, the flow, love... whatever word you like.

Here it is:

Miracles blog - shakti sutriasa

According to A Course in Miracles, a miracle occurs when we choose love instead of fear - in any relationship or situation. When we choose love, it allows us to be in that flow of GRACE.

So if you find yourself tensing up, procrastinating or avoiding doing what you have to do, use this affirmation, breathe and see how things change!