It's Time to Shine Your Light


When I taught high school in the 1990s, I had a student who, instead of saying “goodbye” when she left a person or situation would exclaim, “shine on.”

Every time I heard her say that, to me or to others, I smiled. What a great statement, and a wonderful reminder- shine on. The implication being that we are here on earth, to shine our unique and sacred light.

Are you shining your light?

I went to a Unity sermon a few years back in which the minister described each of us in the congregation as lighthouses.

We all have this beam within, yearning to shine out and illuminate the world around us. Only, the light has been diminished, covered over with emotional mud in the form of criticism, trauma, limiting beliefs, fear and self-doubt.

What would it take for you to shine your light?

Think back to your role in your family.

  • Were you encouraged to take chances, to show up, to shine?
  • Did your family honor you for your unique gifts and talents?
  • Were you put down for not being smart enough, strong enough?

What about within society?

  • Were you laughed at because you were different?
  • Have you experienced the world as an unsafe place?

Are you ready to polish that light and remove the dirt that’s been preventing you from shining?

The two fastest ways to do that are through forgiveness and positive self-talk.

Go back in time. Who dimmed your light?

  • Was it a teacher who criticized you for making a mistake?
  • Maybe your older sibling poked fun at you for being a superhero for Halloween.
  • Were you sensitive to the suffering of others and didn’t want people to know you were smart lest they feel bad about themselves?
  • Have you purposefully not dressed up so others wouldn’t feel bad about not being as glamorous and youthful as you are?

Can you forgive the teacher, your brother, the bully, and most importantly, yourself?

When we let these past experiences dim our light, we give them power over us and we continue to suffer. Not only do we suffer but so does all of humanity.

For New Year’s Eve, I went to see Billy Joel. As I sat listening to one iconic song after the other, I was struck with that notion. What if he had allowed the nay-sayers, and critics to prevent him from sharing his songs with the world?

Wouldn’t we be the poorer for it?

You are just the same!

You came here with a light to shine, knowledge to share.

Use your self-talk to support you. Know that you are beautiful just the way you are. That you are whole, worthy, and capable of greatness. That your voice needs to be heard. You can do anything!

Now is your time. Polish that glass and shine on!

Tell me ONE thing you're gonna do to un-cake the mud that's preventing YOU from shining.

Write it below!

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