Being 100% Responsible


When I was a girl, I couldn’t wait to grow up. At ten, I fantasized about having my own apartment in New York City and running a chic restaurant.

I yearned to be an adult because I wanted to be in charge. I hated feeling like I had no control over my life – of where I lived, went to school, what I ate.

All too quickly, my wish was granted and I was a young, clueless adult overwhelmed by the world. It was easy to feel oppressed. I couldn’t get a good job because the market was tight and there was too much competition. Poor me, no one could see the value that I offered.

I fell into feeling like a victim.

Life was too hard. I was misunderstood. I couldn’t stop eating the plate of cookies, the bag of chips, but it wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t help myself.

Slowly, as I began making my way in the world, I saw how I was giving my power away by being a victim. Maybe it was true that I couldn’t control the weather or the attitude of my boss or co-workers, but I could control my response to them.

What if I stood up to my colleague and told her that I didn’t’ appreciate her lack of professionalism?

What if I really looked at how I avoided going to the gym, making excuses every night to watch TV on the couch?

In my journey to self awareness, I’ve realized that I must take 100% responsibility for my life, for everything in my life.

  • My Finances
  • My Health
  • My Relationships
  • My Career

When you do this, you officially become a grown up.

Responsibility is about ownership, about acknowledging when things work and when they don’t work. It’s the difference between saying the company almost went under because I didn’t manage the financials instead of blaming the near bankruptcy on the economic downturn.

It is the acknowledgment that I am in charge – always. Even when I choose to watch a movie instead of run errands.

If you’re ready to take 100% responsibility in your life, here are 3 questions to ask:

1.  Are you willing to own whatever happens in your life?

Yes, that means the buck stops with you. No excuses.

2.  Can you discern between what you do and don’t have control over?

In other words, you only have control over you, and how you respond to life’s challenges and opportunities. You do not have any control over what other people say or do.

3. Ready to accept yourself?

Are you ready to be okay when you screw up and when you succeed? We're often our own worst critics, hard on ourselves when we fail and unwilling to savor when we succeed.

Can you be gentle and loving with you – knowing that everyone makes mistakes from time to time?

Taking responsibility for your life will transform it!

Here's why you'll want to:

  • Feel Empowered

When you decide to take charge, YOU have the power. You're no longer a victim. You haven’t given it away to anyone or anything. Take charge of your life and create all that you most deeply desire.

  • Not Beholden to Anyone or Anything

When you decide that YOU own your life, no one or thing has any power over you.

  • Set Yourself Free

Taking 100% responsibility is the path of spiritual growth, of total freedom.

When have you felt like a victim or decided to take responsibility?

Share one of your stories with us below.

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