STOP Before You Jump Into 2016

For many of us, this was the first week back to work-school-life-as-usual after the holidays as well as the first week of the New Year. Happy New Year!


Maybe you’re like me, and want to eagerly jump back into life.

But before you leap back into the craziness and chaos of your wonderful life, do yourself a favor and stop.

Stop and get clear about where you want to go this year, what you want to accomplish and how you plan on doing that.

Here are 3 simple and easy ways to launch your 2016 so that you manifest all that you desire and rock your year!

1.  Purge & Organize

The New Year is a great time to clean out the paperwork.

If your desk looks like mine, it has a huge pile on it of stuff that needs to be filed. Take an hour (or two) and get your personal space organized, cleaned up and ready. Not only will you feel better when you look at it, but you’ll start your year out with a clean slate.

This task is also super helpful for tax time (which, if you live in the United States, is just around the corner.)

2. Write It Down

Once your space is neat and tidy, take another hour to really contemplate this year – all twelve months of it. What do you want for yourself in 2016? What goals do you have for your future? What would you like to accomplish?

When you do this activity, think holistically.

Don’t only focus on your relationship to money and career but think about your relationships to your body and health, your family, romantic partner, education and spirituality. How would you like to evolve this year? What do you want to manifest?

3.  Choose A Word

For three years now I’ve chosen one word to contemplate, explore and delve into for the year. This word – whatever it may be – becomes an overriding theme for your year.

Two years ago, I chose trust.

I had just started a business and was putting myself out into the world in a more personal way. This required me to trust in new and different ways and deepened my relationship to myself, to life and to spirit and allowed me to more fully embrace the notion that I am divinely loved and protected at all times.

In fact, about three months into that year, I made a pictorial representation of trust to remind me of free falling into God. On it, I wrote this line from the poet Rumi: “Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.”

Last year, my word was love and the exploration was vastly different.

It was subtle and gentle and deeply internal. It taught me about self-love and opened me up to more clearly understand how to love myself completely and wholeheartedly. My inquiry into love helped me see that I am healed and whole and deserve everything. Pretty cool, huh?

This year, I have chosen receive. Or perhaps it has chosen me.

I look forward to the exciting adventure!

So do yourself a favor, and take a couple of hours to stop, organize and plan out your 2016. It will be well worth it. And if you’d like a little help with that, Click Here to Download my FREE 2016 Vision Planner. Enjoy and have fun!

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