Why Changing You Changes the World


Have you ever felt like you were on a mission to save the world? A super hero or advocate fighting to rescue the planet from total destruction?

That was me. And my mission was to save the earth singlehandedly, or at least that’s what I envisioned as a naïve 21 year-old.

I saw myself equipped with a massive vacuum able to suck up all the excess carbon from the air, replant trees on clear cut mountainsides, recycle all plastics, metals. You get the idea.

But then life took me to Asia.

There, I was surrounded by skyscrapers and asphalt in a smelly, dirty city, where millions of gallons of raw sewage flushed into the ocean every day. I wasn’t a trained engineer and I didn’t speak Chinese.

So much for being an environmental activist. No one would hire me to do that.

After my plans dead ended, I found myself face to face with me. There was only one thing left to do. Heal myself.

But the amazing thing I learned was that by healing me, I am healing the planet.

Here’s why:

1.  We Are All Connected

I believe that we are all God, that God is everything we see and don’t see – humans, rocks, trees, ether, air, fire. God is me and God is you. We are all one. If I heal myself than, because I am part of the whole, it helps heal everything.

2. Reverberations Through The Collective

Our thoughts, feelings and emotions echo out into the Universe and directly impact it. When we choose loving thoughts, healing thoughts, kind thoughts, it helps uplift the collective. These positive vibrations also help counteract the chaos and violence others may be thinking or doing. As Wayne Dyer writes in The Power of Intention:

“[Connectors] even go so far as to tell you that imbalances in the earth such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and extreme weather patterns are the result of a collective imbalance in human consciousness. They'll remind you that our bodies are made up of the same materials as the earth, that the fluid that comprises 98 percent of our blood was once ocean water, and that the minerals in our bones were components of the finite supply of minerals in the earth. They view themselves as one with the planet, and feel a responsibility to stay in balanced harmony with the field of intention to help to stabilize and harmonize the forces of the universe that can get out of balance when we live from excessive ego. They'll tell you that all thoughts, feelings, and emotions are vibrations, and that the frequency of these vibrations can create disturbances - not only in ourselves, but in everything that's made of the same materials.”

3. The Inner Reflects the Outer

A Course in Miracles says, “I have invented the world I see.” In other words, the world is an effect that you create with your thoughts. When we hold fear, hatred, violence in our minds, we create it around us in our lives. As you heal your mind and thoughts, you create a more peaceful world.

4. Control Over Me

Ultimately, I can only change me - my thoughts, my responses, my actions. I choose to be more aware and conscious in my daily life and this requires a shift from old habits to new ones. Like incorporating supportive practices such as meditation, exercise, and healthy eating.

I can also decide to live more sustainably by changing light bulbs, reducing energy and water consumption, recycling, volunteering and donating to charity,

5.  Be the Model

It’s so much easier to live the life you want others to exemplify and it’s way more fun than telling people what to do. Because, let’s face it, that never works.

Instead, model who you want others to be with your thoughts, and words as well as with your deeds. As you shift and re-create you, it will inspire those around you. You’ll see!

I still care deeply about our planet and its health. I recycle and bring reusable bags to the store, send emails and money to causes I support.

I also pray daily for our planet to be in peace; for all sentient beings to be free from suffering and have adequate food, clothing, shelter and habitat; that we shift to a paradigm of sustainably and choose love over fear.  And I keep working on me – my thoughts and responses. What do you think? Ready to take off the cape and look in the mirror?

Can you relate? Share your a-ha below!

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