Writing Your Life Into Existence


Since I was a girl, I’ve always loved stories.

In fact, reading was my big escape. Many afternoons, I’d hang out in my room and devour books, from Judy Bloom to Nancy Drew to Madeleine L’engle.

Even now – one of my favorite past times is to curl up with a good novel.

I’m the kind of person who resonates with stories, they speak to me, teach lessons, convey truths. Maybe it’s the artist in me, the one who sees the world through symbols and metaphors. Imagery speaks louder to me than text.

The more I step into being a storyteller myself, though, the more I see that WE ALL are.

Everyday we create our life through our thoughts, choices and decisions. After all, what is our life’s journey if not a story?

Your life can be an adventure, a romance, a magnificent epic or a depressing tragedy. And the exciting news is that we get to participate not just in acting it out but in creating it in the first place.

Because here is one of the great secrets that hardly anyone knows: we are ALL the co-authors of our lives, we get to write our lives into existence.

We get to decide.

My guru would often say that we (as individuals) must consume the world or the world will consume us. I think about writing our life into existence the same way.

Is life – all these outside forces – like family, obligation, society, fear- telling you where to go and what to do? Or are you consciously deciding for yourself?

Someone is writing your life into existence and if it isn’t you, maybe it’s time to ask who is. Could it be a parent, a partner, your unconscious?

If you’re ready to take the pen in hand, here are 3 simple ways to get started:

1. Vision

Everything starts with a spark, a purpose, a focal point. Where do you see yourself going? What is your big dream? Is it to be the head of a department, start your own clothing line, become a professional golfer? Whatever it is, get clear and write it down.

2.  Affirm your Vision Daily with Words and Feelings

Once you have your direction, speak it out loud every day. It’s critical to see it, feel it and act as if it has already occurred.

Here’s an example.

Perhaps you want to create a new pottery studio. Every day, you say out loud- with strong feeling- your vision: “I see my pottery studio on Flamingo Lane, open and doing a thriving business, making at least $2500 a week in sales. I have ample help so I can spend the bulk of my days throwing pots and glazing them. Our classes are full and the memberships bring in an additional $5,000 a month.”

3. Write It Down

Some people journal daily, others weekly. Whatever schedule works for you, be sure to commit and do it consistently.

This activity is literally writing your life into existence with as much detail as possible.

Think about it as your way to put down everything you wish you had, you yearn for, you want to manifest in your life. Allow yourself to unleash your creativity and let it flow. Want to dog mush in Alaska? Write it down! See yourself there.

There’s nothing to stop you- just let the pen take you away into your wildest fantasies of success, happiness and prosperity.

I love thinking about my life as a story. I’m the hero and the author. And so are you! Get started today and begin writing your magnificent life into existence. Create, manifest and reveal the life you want, the life that is waiting for you. It's time.

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