10 Reasons To Meditate

In 1997, I officially began a meditation practice.


At the time, I was receiving acupuncture for a physical condition and my practitioner and I soon became friends, sharing interests in film, politics and spirituality.

One day when speaking about a recent visit from the Dalai Lama, my acupuncturist friend looked at me and said, “you really need to meditate.”

I knew her words were meant as encouragement, but I was scared and quickly made an excuse. “I don’t have time.” I had a 3 year-old, a full time job and a long commute...

She ignored my excuses. “You have to make time.”

What could I say?

So I heeded her words and created a sacred space.

Today, nearly twenty years later, I look forward to sitting in the morning and honestly, cannot imagine my life without it.

Here are the top 10 reasons I meditate:

1. Meditation allows me to be proactive.

I become a co-creator in my life instead of feeling like a victim of circumstance. From this space, I can see that life happens for me instead of to me. I can vision my future.

2. Creates a Cushion

Meditation gives me space, like an energetic bubble around me, so I don’t feel everything as intensely and take the world too seriously. Being a sensitive person this has been a huge boon and has helped me show up in a more loving, less fearful way.

3. Presence

As I continue to strengthen the muscle of meditation, I find that I'm increasingly more present in every moment of my life. When someone speaks to me, I listen to what they are saying instead of hearing the constant chatter of my own mind. When I drive, I see the cars, the pollen on my windshield, the sun beaming down on me. I genuinely experience and live life. 

4. Respond

My meditation practice allows me to respond rather than react to people, situations and issues. In other words, I hear or experience something and (usually) don’t immediately jump into the drama or chaos. Instead, I can respond from a place of peace and calm.

5. Clarity

Sometimes I have questions about my life – what to do or how to proceed. Meditation helps me explore these ideas and get answers and insight.

6. Goals for the Day

When I sit in the morning, I set intentions. How do I want this day to be? How would I like to feel? What would I like to accomplish?

7. Trust

As I deepen my practice I trust more in a higher consciousness/God/the Universe. This helps me release fear. And as I open to this space of grace, I'm guided by this higher consciousness.

8. De-Stressor

Meditation helps me deal with stress. Whenever I experience a stressful experience, I can begin conscious breathing and my heart rate and blood pressure immediately drop. This practice helps ground me back into the moment and into my body.

9. Relaxation

Meditation alleviates anxiety and gives me a space to relax. The silent place of meditation is like a refuge, a place of peace and rejuvenation. A space that restores and renews me. It is both incredibly relaxing and energizing.

10. Prayer Remedies Helplessness

Sometimes the pain and suffering of our world can feel overwhelming. This is when prayer comes in. I pray for peace, for sustainability, for healing. Then I feel like I'm contributing to the well being of our planet.

Meditation is transformative. It is the ONE thing you can do to truly create lasting change in your life, connect more deeply to your true nature and be fully present in your life.

If you’re ready to start your practice, or even deepen it, check out my free meditation guide here!

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