Pushing Through- 5 Tools to Achieve Your Goals

We all have dreams and goals.

The question is: How do you successfully achieve them?

Often, in order to attain your goals, you have to push yourself a little harder, a little bit more.

You have to move out of your comfort zone, and into a space of uncertainty, of unknowing.

When you come up to the edge of what you know, do or know how to do, it frequently feels scary, and kicks up insecurity, vulnerability or fear.

In spite of these scary feelings, how can you succeed anyway? How can you move into that next level of creativity, success, satisfaction or weight goal?

Here are Five Ideas to Help Get You There:

1.     Anger

Anger might seem like a counterintuitive emotion because normally we equate anger with hurting ourselves or hurting others. But here’s how anger can be channeled positively: Have you ever been furious that something didn’t work out for you?

Think about a time when you failed. Perhaps it was an experience where something didn’t go as you planned.

Last year I was going for a certification and needed to demonstrate my mastery of the technique. I was nervous because, like most people, I can be self-conscious AND the test required that I both memorize a procedure and the “exact” wording. My fear and insecurity got activated because I’m not a brilliant memorizer.

I’m sure you can guess what happened. I failed.

I walked out of the testing room fuming mad. I was angry at the test, at the person who developed it, at the entire workshop but mostly at myself.

What did I do?

Instead of turning that anger inward, feeling sorry for myself, and bolting to my car, I used the anger as fuel. Because here’s the thing with anger, when used correctly, it can provide an enormous adrenaline charge.

My fury propelled me into determination to pass. So I channeled all that frustration into focus and, twenty minutes later, re-took the test.

Think about a time when you’ve experienced anger – because things didn’t go as you expected -  and it launched you to take action.

This is exactly what I’m talking about.

2.     Insight

Have you ever had a moment of total clarity when suddenly you see exactly what you need to do? Having one of those a-ha moments can give you the momentum to move out of cloudiness or non-action into action.

Insight often comes when we least expect it (of course!) Steve Jobs loved to walk. Others find inspiration while driving. Some of us get clarity when we meditate, others from doodling.

Typically, our minds are in a state of rest, creativity or contemplation when insight strikes. So make sure to give yourself time for that to happen.

Go for a stroll, buy a coloring book or start a meditation practice.

3.     Support

Knowing that you aren’t alone can be a huge help in pushing through.

When I was in my early twenties, I was the assistant sales manager for a knitwear factory in Hong Kong. My job was in a heavily industrialized area far from central Hong Kong and, because I didn’t speak Chinese, there was little for me to do. (Looking back on it, I’m not sure why they hired me.)

I was depressed and frustrated. But because I was alone, I felt incapable of making a change. I internalized all that anger and gained thirty pounds.

Fortunately, my situation changed a few moths later when I bonded with a young British woman. We became fast friends and I finally was able to confess how much I hated my job. Having her there, knowing that I wasn’t alone, made all the difference. I quit and made a list of what I needed in my life. Soon I found a job teaching at an international school. 

All because I felt supported.

Where can you get support? Is there a spouse, friend or family member with whom you can speak honestly?

What kind of support do you need? A listening ear, a helping hand, a mastermind partner?

Make a list of people and what you need from them.

4.     Knowledge

We all know knowledge is power. When I feel scared about pushing myself, I seek out experts. I read, follow them on social media or talk face to face.

When I started my new company two years ago, I didn’t know anything about having an online business. So, I began researching and looking for guidance. It’s amazing, once we begin to ask, to look, what we can find!

There are so many online business experts, social media gurus and techies.

Where can you go to find the learning you need to push through? The library, a website, someone you know?

5.     Awareness

Ultimately everything comes down to this: Fostering awareness.

By choosing to be awake, aware and centered in your life, opens you up to see where you limit yourself and where you may need help, support, guidance or knowledge.

Cultivate awareness in every moment by learning to look at yourself objectively, as the observer. Where are you and where would you like to be?

Awareness comes with the breath. Breathe in quietly and ask – where am I stuck? Listen for an answer. And then ask? How can I push through?

Mindfulness is the art of awareness, paying attention, being fully present in life.

When we incorporate mindfulness into the equation, it offers us a way to get clarity, understanding and tools to manifest what we most desire. It also helps us effectively utilize all of the above tools.

The exciting news is that you have everything you need to succeed. Use these tools to help you accomplish your goals. The world needs you to be and feel successful! Get started today!

Let me know which ONE resonates most with you!

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