Access Your Power Now


Letting go of old, limiting beliefs gives you power. It frees you up to be exactly who you want to be and live your truth, your light and love.

I was reminded again this morning.

While I was meditating, the words that came were, “as we release our samsara, we make room in our lives for the things we truly want.”

Samsara is a Sanskrit word that describes the cycle of life- from birth to death. This includes all the actions of our lives, the karma we accrue and bring forward into the next incarnation, etc.

I think about samsara, too, as the bodily goo that gets attached to us once we take form and become human. It’s the stuff- the emotions, relationships, duties, obligations, beliefs- that ground us in a physical form and ego.

As we release the bonds – the limitations – we impose on ourselves, it frees us to move into our spirit selves and become truly who we are.

Here are a few tools to help you release that which you no longer want:

1.  The Breath

Breathing is the most powerful tool in our repertoire. It has the ability to physically regulate our bodies, instantly reduce anxiety or tension as well as the ability to bring us directly into the moment.

In the moment, you are free. There is no judgment, no suffering, no past, no future.

The breath is the way we connect to the universal truth, to God, to source.

Use this tool for it will change your life.

To support you on your journey, each month I’ll send out a new breathing exercise for you to try.

Use it and see how your life unfolds. The breath helps you open up to your own inner knowing, to awareness.

2. Meditation & Prayer

These two go hand in hand for one is the asking and the other the receiving. Meditation is your time to relax and allow yourself to float in the river of love. It is the time to commune with your God and yourself in a place of refuge.

If you haven’t already downloaded some of my guided meditations, I invite you to access the kit now. Here

3.  Psychotherapy/Coaching

Elizabeth Lesser, the founder of The Omega Institute, and author of Cracked Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow, talks about the importance of therapy.

She writes about her own process of seeing how old patterns of behavior were keeping her stuck. She says, “What I learned in the safe and sacred room of my therapist’s office was that the same energy I was exerting to keep things from being revealed could be used for a far more exciting and rewarding struggle: to return my soul to my body, to return myself to myself. After that, anything would be possible.”

In essence, we have to heal ourselves, our egos and childhood wounds in order to open ourselves up to truly be vessels for truth, for God’s work, for love. To let the samsara go.

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This is the work we are here to do – remember who we are.

It’s scary but it’s the journey of a life time and will awaken you to truly be the hero you are.

I'm here to help you every step along the way. Join me today!