Move into Your New Life with Joy & Ease


In my blog a few weeks ago, I laid out the 3 steps for manifesting your vision – dreaming it, writing it out, speaking it into existence and allowing it to occur. (if you missed it, click here.)

As it begins to come to fruition, something curious happens.

Instead of being elated, you may feel scared, unsure or totally unsettled.

This is the moment when we can self-sabotage.

It’s kind of ironic – to move toward creating exactly what you want only to be scared of it.

The first part (see above) was focused on manifesting externally – the new job, the healthy body, the intimate relationship.

Now you have to make the internal shifts in order to fully step in and maintain this new space and way of being. It’s time to up-level both within and without.

Here are 4 tips to help you actually live your dreams:

1.     The Upper Limit Challenge

Gay Hendricks wrote about this concept in The Big Leap. In a nutshell, it’s when we get something we want – like a promotion, dream house, retirement- and then sabotage another area of our lives – pick a fight with the spouse, get sick. Because we can't take too much good.

Upper limit issues can also manifest in that sudden fear you feel after you landed your first $10k client or sold your initial $2M property and your stomach drops. Immediately the internal critic starts: “This is never gonna happen again. I can’t hold onto this, I’m gonna lose it all…”

That voice is a signal to you that you’ve hit the unconscious ceiling – your upper limit of success, of what you believe you deserve.

When this occurs, allow yourself to recognize it. Gently move to a place where you can open up and allow even more happiness, money, abundance, and love into your life. Use your spiritual practice to ground and support you. Additionally, ask yourself:

  • Is there someone I have to forgive?
  • Does an old belief need to get released?

We must release the old in order to make room for the new.

2.     Give Yourself Time

When we push into the new and get what we've asked for, the expectation is that now everything is perfect.

It’s the fairy tale / happily ever after syndrome.

But the beginning is never the end!

Think about it.

You’ve just expanded yourself. Of course it feels strange and uncomfortable. It's natural to feel vulnerable or weird. Be patient with yourself as you settle into this new state.

Remember, it takes time to learn how to swim in this bigger pond! To navigate the ins and outs of the terrain and make friends with the new inhabitants. To learn how to live your fairy tale.

3.     Expand Into The And

When we feel afraid because something is new or unfamiliar, we immediately want to contract back to what is safe.

Instead, see if you can allow yourself to stay open to possibility, networking opportunities, and new connections.

If you find yourself feeling small or wanting to run back to your old job, home, or neighborhood, recognize it for what it is, a normal response.

Instead of judging, honor your process and nourish yourself in ways that feed you – take a bath, go for a walk, have dinner with friends. Relax.

Then schedule something new at least once a week to help you expand and reach out.

4.     Hold the Tension

The transition between moving from the old situation into the new is fraught with uncertainty and anxiety. Because these are feelings we typically never want to experience, we often push them away resulting in sabotaging behavior.

Instead, see if you can be okay not knowing everything, not having solved every challenge.

For in that space of the unknown lies the alchemy, the magic of total transformation.

It's there waiting for you. Waiting for you to fully step into this higher vibration, this new exciting, thrilling life that you’ve dreamed, visioned, and manifested.

Now it’s time to genuinely and wholeheartedly embrace it and live it.

You are SO up for this. Go for it!

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