Step Into Your Future: 3 Ways to Manifest Exactly What You Want


Last weekend I attended a writer’s conference. There were classes and opportunities to network but most importantly, I got to pitch my book to potential agents.

Before I went, I was kind of nervous.

I had never done anything like that before.

What if none of the agents were interested?

Even when we want something to happen, dream about it, and vision it, we can be afraid when we’re looking right at it.

Which is why I found the guidance from a recent meditation so helpful. My anxiety was swirling when I heard a very distinctive voice. She cut right through the chaos and said, “Step into your future. The door is right there, in front of you.”


I looked and saw exactly what she meant.

If you’re standing on a threshold too, about to walk into your new future, here are 3 ways to make it real.

1. Believe It

It isn’t enough to vision. You have to see a new version of you.

See yourself having passed the test, already earning that killer salary at the hospital, happy and successful in your new social media job.

Once you really envision it wholly, then you can believe it. Within every part of your being, you have to embrace this version of you, know it is real, true and right.

This is knowing on a cellular level.

It's meant to be. You can feel it.

2. Own It

When I was facing my anxiety about finding an agent, I flipped the tables and looked at it through their perspective. I am a talented, successful, healthy, vibrant person.

I am a gift to them!

Step into your own magnificence and greatness. See how much you are bringing to your new job, organization or partnership. Allow yourself to fully embrace exactly what YOU offer.

In my home office, I have Macrina Wiederkehr’s quote, “Oh God, help me to believe the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful!

When you own our magnificence, you radiate it out!

3. Live As If

Whatever your dreams and aspirations for the future are, they are only ONE step away. So live right now as if they have already occurred.

This is moving out of lack thinking - of being in the place of wanting - into a space of satisfaction, abundance and gratitude.

One of the ways I do this is through gratitude.

I say thank you for finding me the right and perfect agent, thank you for landing me a lucrative publishing deal, thank you for the money that pours in from seen and unseen sources…

Get the idea?

What hasn't already happened that you're grateful for?

Perfect health? A loving partnership? 

When you step into the vibration of who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world, you attract exactly what you desire.

Your future is right here, right now. It’s so exciting. The threshold beckons. The world needs your insight, guidance, creativity and love.  

I see the doorway, you’ve just stepped through!

Tell me what you desire, leave a comment below and I'll help manifest it by seeing you there!

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