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10 Ways to Kickstart A Daily Spiritual Practice

10 Ways to Kickstart A Daily Spiritual Practice

We all crave more peace, less anxiety, and definitely less stress.

One of the best ways to do this is to have some kind of daily contemplative practice. Think about this as a time to simply be with you. To touch base with the wise, all knowing self that resides deep within you.

A spiritual practice is something you give yourself so it should feel exciting and fun and definitely NOT like a chore. It’s not another “have-to.”

I often think about this time as refuge – a state I can enter where the craziness of the world is far away- where there is only peace and a sense of calm.

Craving more peace in your life? Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

Skydiving - A Lesson In Trust

Skydiving - A Lesson In Trust

About a month ago, I finally went skydiving!

I’d been flirting with the idea for 30 years but it just never happened.

And then I got scared.

Around the winter holidays, my daughter started bugging us to go skydiving as a family.

I reluctantly agreed and we scheduled to go in January. Our reservation repeatedly got canceled due to bad weather. My daughter returned to college and I was off the hook!

As the months ticked by, I began to realize that I had to face this fear.