What Do You Deserve?

How much we allow ourselves to have in our lives is a function of what we think we deserve.

Let me ask you this:


Have you ever been at a party or a club or walked down a block of a ritzy area of town and wished that it was your life, that you lived there or had those friends?

I sure have.

And over the summer I had an interesting realization.

I was visiting a place I really liked. It had everything I was ready for in my life. It was rural but not too rural. It was progressive but not weird. It was close to a metropolitan area but still felt like a small town.

I asked myself: Could I have this? Could I live here? Was it too good to be true?

I was charmed by this place and wanted to be part of what I perceived as its coolness. Wondering if I would be accepted.

I stood looking at the view and taking in the sea and snow capped mountains. Before long, I got my answer. The words rushed over me as I stood staring out at the ocean.

“You can have everything.”

“Really?” I asked the wind.

The reply was resounding and reverberated across the sky. “Yes.”

At first I was awed by this realization. Wow, how cool. I leaned into the sun, allowing it to shine directly into my face. I could have this. I could have everything.


But then my logical brain pushed through and wanted to know what that would entail. It asked bossily. “How? What do I have to do?”

The knowing voice answered affirmatively. “By believing that you deserve it.”

Deserve perfect health, happiness, success, prosperity… everything.

As I allowed myself to open up more to that idea, I began to understand the guidance I was being given.

I was limiting myself.

Why was it that I thought I didn’t deserve?

Was it an old voice in my head? Was it a belief that was no longer true for me? An expired message?

I had to dig out that negative root that was telling me I could only have so much and plant a new one. This required a journey within, to extricate that old thought pattern, the one that was now limiting me and dictating how much good, happiness or success I could expect.

Whose voice was it? Whose belief? Was it my father telling me to play it safe or my sister invalidating my “new age-y-ness”?

Whoever or whatever it was, it had to go. Because the message it was telling me had long been outgrown.

On this spiritual path, we always have the opportunity to open up to life or to close.

Each and every moment.

Was I limiting what I was willing to accept by seeing myself as undeserving?

Was I ready to open up and allow more in?

And if so, how?

The odd part is that we want so much to know what we have to do. But in reality, there isn’t anything to do, we just have to accept, embrace and open up to receive.

In a class I took with happiness expert, Robert Holden, PhD, he gave us this scenario: “You are walking down a hallway. On one door it says, ‘Happiness.’ On the other door it says, ‘Lecture on Happiness’. Which door would you choose?”

In that moment, I was busted because I knew I would have chosen the lecture door. My ‘do-er’ mind always wanting to know how. When in reality, it is all here for us right now. All we have to do is open up to it and allow it in.

Is there something that you’ve been longing for in your life? Are you ready to see it manifest for you?

Are you ready to believe that you deserve it?

What will it take?

A shift in mindset? An opening of your heart? The willingness to accept?

Can you allow yourself to deserve it? To know that it is your divine right to be happy, thin, wealthy, healthy?

I will hold that vision for you. Now step into it and believe it for yourself.

What shift do you need to allow you to open up and receive?

Write it down just below the blog!