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3 Ways To Tackle Fear of the Future

3 Ways To Tackle Fear of the Future

Afraid of what's to come?

You aren't alone. The other day, I was talking with a 20 year-old who's moving to Nepal for 6-months. She’ll live with a family, learn the language, and be fairly isolated (as most host families don’t have internet.)

“Sounds like when I lived overseas!" I replied, laughing. "Those were the days of snail mail and expensive phone calls.”

But I also knew her fear – the fear of going someplace completely foreign, being thousands of miles away from friends and family- being alone.

She admitted that when she’d first learned about the trip something inside of her urged her on. The more she learned, the more she wanted to do it, until she was actually facing getting on the airplane.

Has that ever happened to you?

3 Ways to Tackle Uncertainty

3 Ways to Tackle Uncertainty

I had a revelation the other day.

It was about transformation.

Our souls yearn to evolve and change, to up-level, to reach our goals and manifest our visions.


So we go for it and jump into the trenches. We start working and making things happen.

And then they do.

I experienced this last week. I realized that for the majority of this year, 2016, I have focused on closing my old life and making this transition across the country.

My life change has not only involved a physical move but also closing my coaching practice in Florida and transitioning clients, saying goodbye to friends (and family) I’ve had for over a decade, letting go of routines and habits, releasing an entire lifestyle and everything that was familiar.

And here’s the trick, the one I am now face-to face with: to make something new and not re-create the old.